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💰 Why is my cash advance so low?

If you're not getting the $100 you wanted, here's why

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Say you’re in a money bind–you need an advance before payday, and you’ve heard that Cleo offers up to $250*.

She’s told you you qualify, you’ve signed up to Cleo Plus, but she says she can only offer you $20 or $35. Not exactly what you were hoping for–we get it.

So why is Cleo being so stingy? Cleo works out how much you're eligible for by looking at your transactions, deposit history, and spending patterns.

The maximum amount you're eligible for can go up or down over time. It’s important to remember that while you might only qualify for $20 this month, you could get $50 next month.

Set yourself up for success by connecting all the accounts where you receive any kind of income (this way Cleo knows you're in a position to pay her back). It also helps to pay bills and subscription fees on time.

*Eligibility requirements apply. Not all users will qualify. Advance amounts range from $20 to $250. Same day transfers subject to express fees. Visit for more information.

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