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👛 Why has the amount I’m eligible for changed?
👛 Why has the amount I’m eligible for changed?

Here's why your cash advance amount might have changed

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We know how frustrating it is to see your cash advance amount change, especially if you’ve come to rely on Cleo. The thing is, Cleo is super smart (we designed her that way) and she juggles a lot of complex factors when deciding what you’re eligible for.

Think of Cleo as a crystal ball for your finances 🔮 Some months, she’ll predict that you might not qualify for more, or even the same amount as you did last month, based on your transaction history. Unfortunately, her humans aren’t able to change the amount you qualify for. Cleo has the final say when it comes to eligibility.

Although Cleo’s humans can’t change your eligibility, there is a silver lining. Because Cleo doesn’t rely on traditional credit measurements, you're likely to qualify for more cash advance funds much quicker than you would traditionally 🥳 To help you qualify for more, make sure your account balance remains healthy, your income accounts remain connected, and (painful, we know) keep saving. Cleo's budget feature is a good place to start. Learn more about budget here.

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