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😳 How do I become eligible?

If you need help getting eligible, here are some tips

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You’re already one step closer to eligibility just by using Cleo. In the Borrow tab, you’ll see several little boxes with cash advance amounts that appear locked (‘forbidden funds’ 🔐 if you will). The harder you work to stay on top of your finances and keep your money movements consistent, the more likely you are to see these unlocked.

There are also some quick and dirty ways to improve your eligibility:

  • Connect all your bank accounts (even accounts where you don’t receive income can help)

  • Tell Cleo about all the income you get and where it goes

  • Make your subscription payments on time

  • Make less cash withdrawals

  • Set up a budget to help you predict future negative balances

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly when you’ll qualify, because the power lies with you. Go forth and manifest that money 🔮

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