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How do I add or change transaction categories?
How do I add or change transaction categories?

Can I recategorise transactions? How do I make my own category? What about excluding?

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I wanna change a transaction's category

You can change the category of a transaction like this:
πŸ‘‰ Head to the Spend tab

πŸ‘‰ Tap on the transaction whose category you wanna change

πŸ‘‰ Tap its current category to assign it a new one

You'll be asked if you wanna change the category for all transactions for this merchant, or just as a one-off.

Can I make my own transaction categories?

You can create a custom category for transactions by heading to the Spend tab and tapping on the transaction you wanna change. Tap its current category and hit the "Add new" button. Add your fresh category and that's it. Custom category.

How do I exclude a transaction from showing up in my transaction list?

To exclude a transaction, head to the Spend tab and tap on the transaction to reveal its category label. Tap the category label and select "Excluded" from the list. Learn more about excluding stuff here.

What about recurring transactions or payments?

Recurring stuff like bills? Insurance? Rent? You can flag them as recurring in your transactions list. In the Spend tab, tap the recurring transaction and tap the "Recurring payment" switch. Then it'll get treated like a bill (as in, we'll add it to your Bills in your budget, and silently "boo" every time it's mentioned πŸ‘Ž )

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