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My balance isn't accurate and my accounts aren't updating
My balance isn't accurate and my accounts aren't updating

What to do if your balance is looking a little off...

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What do I do if my balance isn't correct?

If your balance in the app isn't quite matching your actual bank balance, you can manually refresh your accounts to get your latest data. Just type "refresh" in chat and it'll happen πŸ“ˆ

How often does Cleo refresh my balance?

Your bank balance and transactions are updated in the app twice a day. You can do an additional refresh once every hour ( πŸ’¬ by typing "refresh" in chat)

My balance is still very wrong... πŸ€”

Bank balance still looks wrong? Try these:

  1. Update the app. It's the best way to have the most accurate experience ✨

  2. Make sure all your accounts are collected to see your correct balance. To see your accounts, type "accounts" in chat and reconnect anything that got, well, disconnected

  3. See if you accidentally added an account more than once. Type "accounts" in chat, and if you discover a duplicate, swipe left on the account to remove it (and say bye ✌️ )

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